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J. De Cordova"s Map of the State of Texas Compiled from the records of the General L& Office of the State by Robert Creuzbaur, Houston. 1861.
All of our maps are authentic antique maps, printed or drawn on or about the date shown in the mô tả tìm kiếm. In rare instances when we offer facsimiles, we will specifically describe the maps as a later facsimile and include the date of publication. Certificates of Authentiđô thị are available upon request. Simply mention your desire to lớn receive sầu one in the Notes section at checkout.
Last year we shipped over 4,500 antique maps lớn more than 50 countries. Maps are shipped Monday through Friday year-round. If an order is received before 2 PM PST, we will ship the order that day. If an order is received after that time, we will ship the next day. We ship maps either flat in custom packages or in specially ordered thiông chồng tubes. Shipping rates are provided as part of the checkout process.

A very rare và little-known edition of the most important maps of Texas during the early statehood period.Jacob De Cordova (1808 - 1868) was one of the first major lvà speculators in Texas. He hired Robert Creuzbaur, of the Texas General Lvà Office, to lớn compile this bản đồ for promotional purposes. It was the first bản đồ of the state to be constructed through the use of the files of the Land Office, which was responsible for keeping a record of all lvà transactions in the state, though De Cordova is said lớn have sầu spent a great deal of time in the saddle, personally studying Texas real estate. The lvà office was especially important, as Texas had been allowed khổng lồ keep its public lands when it entered the Union, the only state allowed to lớn vày so, và the Land Office records were the only reasonably accurate source for the topography of some 250 million acres in the public domain name. Creuzbaur gave equal attention lớn the more settled eastern parts of the state, và the bản đồ is the best, most detailed record of settlement in Texas during the period. Measuring nearly three feet square, it was the first large-scale map of Texas.De Cordova"s maps was originally published in Houston in 1849, with subsequent Houston editions issued in 1851, 1853, and 1854. Publication rights were subsequently sold to lớn J. H. Colton, who published editions in Thủ đô New York from 1856 onwards. This 1861 edition is the best cartographic record of Texas at the beginning of the Civil War. It incorporates extensive sầu revisions, with new counties, towns, railroads, roads, and topographical detail, particularly in the little-known western parts of the state.R. S. Martin noted that without question, "the maps published by Jacob De Cordova in 1849 best summarizes the geographical information available about Texas immediately after the Mexican War...the maps presents a remarkably accurate & detailed rendering of the area south & east of San Antonio." But north & west of that point, however, "the data are scarce và the features sparse." However, the later editions were carefully revised khổng lồ trương mục for new information, particularly in West Texas, and it is this fact that makes them so valuable.All editions of De Cordova"s maps are rare, but the 1861 edition seems to be ahy vọng the rarest. This edition is not in the Texas State Archives, which has those of 1851, 1856, 1866 and 1872 (Day); not in the Library of Congress, which has the editions of 1849, 1851, 1853, 1856, and 1857 (Phillips, America); not in the Rosenberg Library, which has the 1849, 1851, và 1856 editions (Taliaferro); & not in University of Texas at Arlington, which has only the 1849 edition.

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A few minor fold splits, repaired on verso. Minor discoloration at folds. With original covers (disbound)
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