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Coronavirut updates và resources

Northern Arizona University is closely monitoring the coronavi khuẩn (COVID-19) pandemic. The university is working with Coconino County Health & Human Services (CCHHS), as well as other community partners, khổng lồ ensure our campus community is informed with the latest Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) best practices for staying healthy. The university has a comprehensive sầu plan khổng lồ manage COVID-19 cases that includes aggressive sầu testing, education, monitoring, isolation, và quarantine. The health of the Lumberjaông chồng community is diendantocdep.net’s top priority.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Information

This webpage provides updates relevant lớn the diendantocdep.net community, along with links to various resources. This page is updated as new information is available.

Do your part khổng lồ tư vấn a healthy campus and help diendantocdep.net trachồng cases in our community.

Complete diendantocdep.net Healthkiểm tra daily

Important Update

diendantocdep.net will return khổng lồ in-person classes for the fall 2021 semester. More information can be found on the Jacks are Back website.

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COVID-19 by the numbers

Northern Arizona University

On Jan. 6, diendantocdep.net reopened its testing facility at the Fieldhouse. We have conducted 44,932 tests since January. This semester, we will continue our strategic mitigation testing efforts, testing 13-14 percent of our Flagstaff Mountain Campus students, faculty and staff each week. In addition khổng lồ offering testing to lớn anyone who wants lớn take advantage of it, this enhanced testing strategy, when followed by isolation and quarantine efforts initiated by diendantocdep.net, is important khổng lồ reducing the spread of the virus by asymptomatic individuals. diendantocdep.net is reinforcing that we are in this together and that students, faculty, & staff must wear masks, physically distance, use good hygiene, & avoid large gatherings. diendantocdep.net is managing 56 confirmed positive cases of on- và off-campus students.

Since September 20trăng tròn, diendantocdep.net has administered 85,836 COVID-19 tests. 

Weekly results of diendantocdep.net mitigation as of April 23, 2021. 


How can I take care of myself during this time?

Coronavirut is affecting all of us in many ways. We all react differently to stressful situations, và it’s important that we don’t neglect our mental health during this uncertain time.

Employee Assistance & Wellness offers a variety of resources lớn faculty và staff. Counseling Services continues lớn offer appointments via phone & Zoom to lớn members of the diendantocdep.net community. diendantocdep.net’s Campus Recreation has a các mục of additional resources for staying busy.

How is diendantocdep.net addressing university-related travel?

Travel restrictions are in place khổng lồ further reduce the potential for the virus khổng lồ spread due to Lumberjacks coming in & out of Flagstaff. Non-essential business domestic và international travel has been suspended indefinitely for all diendantocdep.net students, faculty, và staff. Any travel that is deemed essential will continue to be reviewed and approved in writing at the Vice President/Provost màn chơi.

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I’ve been getting a lot of COVID-19 emails for a variety of sources. How vày I know which ones to lớn trust?

In light of COVID-19, universities are experiencing increased phishing attacks. Please be diligent about protecting your diendantocdep.net user credentials and personal information. Below are some ways to lớn make sure your information stays safe.

Never give sầu up your credentials or personal information over phone or emailBe skeptical of requests from health organizations asking for personal informationDo not fall for scams that may include purchasing gift cards for students who are illRemember diendantocdep.net will not ask for your credentials over tin nhắn or over the phone

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