Laneige perfect renew regenerator & eye serum ⋆ beauty nerd by night

I’d previously told you about the newly revamped anti-aging skincare range by popular Korean brvà, Laneige, the Perfect Renew skincare range. You can read all about the range and what’s available in the previous post, và in this one, I’m going khổng lồ tell you about the star sản phẩm, the Perfect Renew Regenerator serum.

The reason I’ll focus on the serum, is because for me, if you want something that really does make a difference, & which is the most potent hàng hóa, it is likely to be found in a serum. The rest of the products are mostly complementary, and you can even phối and match lớn cater to other elements of your skin needs, & budget.


But you know what? Brands probably don’t lượt thích me saying so, even if it’s true! LOL!
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