37 tuổi vừa chia tay bạn trai 7 năm, hoa hậu hàn đẹp nhất thế giới đã thay đổi

Working During the Pandemic

Argo Insurance’s Professional Lines team found ways to lớn thrive during 20đôi mươi.

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As one of the most challenging years on record draws khổng lồ a cthua thảm, Argo Insurance’s well-established Professional Lines team reveals how they have bucked the trend and flourished throughout lockdown in Bermuda – achieving exceptional levels of productivity và performance.

Virtual meetings promote focus & engagement

Prior khổng lồ the pandemic, the team relied mainly on face-to-face meetings to lớn discuss all risks before offering terms khổng lồ brokers. When restrictions came inlớn place, the team replaced their daily in-person roundtables with videoconferencing khổng lồ ensure all members could still weigh in.

“The laông chồng of face-to-face meetings is a definite negative; however, our discussions now are more focused, leading to lớn more effective & efficient group meetings,” says Sherron Williams, SVPhường, Professional Lines Underwriter.

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Remote working creates time for physical well-being

The whole team reports that despite working harder than ever, they are enjoying a better work-life balance and finding more time to focus on health và fitness.

“We were a seasoned and highly functioning team prior to lớn the pandemic, which made the transition to lớn remote communication relatively easy,” says Bill Wharton, Head of Argo Insurance in Bermuda. “Early on, we had twice-daily underwriting calls, but that has settled down & now the pace và time of communication is dictated by need.”

Mike Butler, SVP, Professional Lines, believes that remote working through the pandemic has actually had a positive impact on the way the team operates.

“Going completely paperless has been a welcome change, và while there may have sầu been a few hiccups early on, I believe sầu the process is working well now,” he says. “From a team perspective, using MS Teams has improved how we underwrite and communicate as a group.”

“In the beginning I was working longer hours; but over time, I was able to find a balance and adjust lớn a more normalized working day,” says Kimberly Lewis, VPhường, Professional Lines. “Baông xã in April, I started a morning workout routine, which I continue khổng lồ bởi vì.”

“I’m often working early in the morning & late at night, but working from home page gives me far more time to spend exercising,” says Bryant Trew, VP, Professional Lines. “I started yoga during the pandemic, & I’ve found that it’s a great balance khổng lồ running and weightlifting.”

Shared values lead to team success

Underwriting Assistant Deana Bailey puts the team’s success down khổng lồ three fundamental rules:

Teamwork – dedication to lớn meeting both team and company goalsInclusion – respecting each other’s strengths, weaknesses và differencesCommunication – being open and honest, with lots of compassion

The entire team also believes that occasional face-to-face catch-ups have been an important factor. Since March, they have met for a few outdoor lunches, enabling them to reconnect in a safe environment và within COVID-19 guidelines.

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“Periodic lunches help lớn re-energize the team,” says Lewis. “These meetings help me to lớn feel connected & provide a sense of togetherness.”

“It’s always great to lớn see the team & catch up in person khổng lồ celebrate the work we’re doing from home,” says Donita Stevens, AVP.., Professional Lines.

Trew echoes the sentiment. “We meet for an outdoor lunch every two or three months. Face-to-face tương tác is still vital, và it’s great fun khổng lồ have a laugh together.”

And the overall secret of their success? Trew credits 19th-century French author Alexandre Dumas for their team motto: “All for one, và one for all!”

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