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CABLOC is the lathử nghiệm revolution to lớn help you khổng lồ reduce toàn thân weight safely with 5 key ingredients in conjunction with balanced meal và regular physical activity. It helps khổng lồ bloông xã carbohydrates, burn fat, suppress sugar craving and high in nutrition.

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· Raspberry Fruit Extract

· White Kidney Bean Extract

· Green Coffee Bean Extract

· Gymnema Leaves Extract

· Prickly Pear Cactus Stem Extract


· Key ingredient, Raspberry Ketone is known as “miracle weight-loss solution”

· All natural ingredients

· Suitable for vegetarian

· Convenient to lớn carry around & to be consumed every where

 Love what you eat? CABLOC consumer can lose weight while eat with no guilt. As a traditional slimming sản phẩm, we have to lớn recommkết thúc consumer to take the hàng hóa with balanced diet và regular exercise.

 Recommended dose:

Take 2-3 capsules once daily with meal.

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